Hello and welcome, I am of course: the REAL John Harrison. You can find out more on the about me page or just browse through the site. But in short, I have done many different things creatively in the past. I have done them around serious issues (which I have on another website) and funny too. All the artistic and creative things I have done, has been as an individual.

Thank you for stopping by and please do pop back or connect.

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Recent projects, what I’m working on and whats next:

In October 2016 in the early hours of the morning I found myself  writing something about a Water Vole, and it has ended up being the start of what I hope to be a children’s book. I’m enjoying writing this and within the first day I had the main story line, a couple of draft chapters and paragraphs for the beginnings of other chapters. It’s actually been the first bit of writing I’ve done since at least a year maybe more. Watching out for any bit of wildlife to film as usual.

Two new songs ‘The Syria Song – your bombs are not welcome here’ & a Christmas Song called  ‘In This Time’ thinking of others over this time of year for a moment, so join with me over this festive season at some point to raise a glass to them all (Listen via @ABuskerUnheard Twitter).

December 2016 really glad to be using my work and words with Samaritans again this time for a fundraising campaign for 2017.


‘An English Summer’s Day’

SHARE this poem animation of mine on the REAL truth about the English weather 🙂 The English tourist board would want this Poem banned, so please do SHARE it now, before it’s too late 🙂.


Dare to believe… in YOU.


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